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Mobile Direct is an emerging global provider of premium digital entertainment services

What We Do

As a global player in digital entertainment, we offer operators and mobile-driven businesses great value in terms of customer reach and revenue. Our excellence in customer satisfaction, retention and income generation is unsurpassed.

Our digital marketing gurus create and refine highly successful marketing campaigns that target measurable marketing goals. We utilise advertising networks and analytics platforms to drive traffic and optimise revenue.


Our digital entertainment portfolio includes mobile gaming and video streaming services. All our services are localised in over 20 languages. Our expertise lies in delivering unique mobile experiences that guarantee customer engagement and retention.


We are experts in carrier billing and premium SMS payments. Through extensive partnerships with mobile operators, we are able to process mobile payments around the world.

About Us

We add life to mobile entertainment. Let us entertain you!

We totally live up to our commitment to deliver a unique digital experience to millions of customers whenever and wherever they want.
Our premium services are global and guarantee that the best is delivered.

Gaming Services

We are the leading provider of the world’s best HTML5 games.

Millions of players enjoy over 100 of our massively popular games including racing games, action games, sports games, adventure games, stimulating puzzle games and much more. Put your gaming skills to the test, challenge friends and family, and enjoy hours of non-stop entertainment.

High-quality HTML5 games

Games for all age and skill groups

High-score feature enabled

Interactive tutorials to help you learn the ropes

New games regularly added to our inventory

Entertainment Services

Our entertainment services deliver the best of international entertainment straight to our users.

Watch what the world is watching and enjoy hours of engaging entertainment right in the palm of your hands.

High-quality streaming TV

Video on demand

Our Office

We are located in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam – the commercial capital of The Netherlands, and one of the top financial centres of Europe. We are always looking for fresh talent to join our international team

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